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Motivational Speaker and Behavioral Expert Gives a Key: “You’ve Got to Have Your Why!”

You’ve Got to Have Your Why! Imagine there is a two foot wide by twenty foot long board on the ground and I place a $100 at the end and ask you to walk across to the other side. Would … Continue reading

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The 1.2% Factor and Life Coaching

The 1.2% Factor and Life Coaching Want to motivate yourself and others? Check this out! Three Atlanta area researchers reported evidence confirming that there is only a 1.2% difference in the genetic coding of the genes of chimps and humans. … Continue reading

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Freedom, Energy, Commitment and Optimistic Spirit

FREEDOM, Energy, Commitment and Optimistic Spirit By Bob Davies Think back to a time in your life when you gave everything you had to the accomplishing of a goal and felt absolutely exhausted and satisfied, even exhilarated. Think of the … Continue reading

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